Creative BioMart Introduced Protein Network Construction and Topological Structure Analysis Service

Creative BioMart, a global CRO providing high-quality protein analytical services to support research, manufacturing and clinical development of native and recombinant proteins, recently launched Protein Network Construction and Topological Structure Analysis Service for protein interaction research.


Predicting unknown protein function based on protein network is a very important research topic in bioinformatics. In particular, the rapid development of dynamic protein networks can provide a more effective network and improve the accuracy of protein function prediction by fusing multivariate biological information. Reducing the negative effects caused by false positives and false negatives is the key and bottleneck to improve the performance of protein function prediction. Weighted dynamic protein networks are constructed by using protein domain information, protein complex information and protein network topological characteristics to predict protein function.


Most diseases can be reflected at the genetic level, and some existing studies have confirmed that genes with similar functions or genes interacting in biological networks can lead to the same or similar diseases. Network based disease gene identification is an important method to discover disease genes. The relationship between disease genes is analyzed from topological structure similarity and functional similarity, candidate genes are ranked, and then disease genes are screened, inferred and discriminated.
Therefore, the identification of disease genes and disease pathways based on dynamic protein networks is helpful for the development of disease therapeutics; at the same time, it can also screen out more precise biomarkers, which can provide necessary technical means for the diagnosis and classification of diseases


Creative BioMart has successful experience in providing more than 10,000 customized bioinformatics consultations and manages several bioinformatics core facilities that can help scientists around the world to conduct research and analyze data. In addition to advanced technology in bioinformatics, Creative BioMart provides informatics and statistical support as well as advice for protein network construction and topological analysis services.


According to its official speaker, available services include:

l Assistance with de novo tandem repeat detection

l Computing all possible crosslinks between proteins

l Sequence similarity search in protein databases

l Assistance in topology prediction of membrane proteins

l Consultation on topology, parameters for small organic molecules

l Assistance in comparison of asymmetric units and biological unit predict transmembrane topology and signal peptides

l Services in reconstruction of multimeric molecules in crystals


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